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Nansei, which literally means fertile land is a non-profit organization started in Tamil Nadu, India by a group of willing hearts in the year 2018. Like the fertile mother earth providing a place to sustain our humanly needs, Nansei tirelessly works to offer support to all needy souls. Our projects focus on improving education, health, humanitarian support and disaster relief for the most affected and marginalized communities.


Small Help Together Makes LIFE Better

We work towards providing medical services & treatment support for the deprived section of the society.

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Nansei largely focuses on the societal issues that are imperative for individual to lead a prosperous living. We work with government and private organizations to identify people who are in need of support. An inevitable contribution to all our efforts and cause has comes from the persistent, gracious and continuous support of the Nansei donors. Take your volunteerism to the next level with the issues you care.


Improving lives of students by providing financial support & improving government school’s infrastructure in rural areas.


We work towards providing medical services & treatment support for the deprived section of the society.

Children Welfare

Being a moral support to Children by supporting psychologically & emotionally, organize counselling & Skill development programs.

Disaster Relife

Working towards providing immediate disaster relief & assists in the rehabilitation process of affected communities in the aftermath of any calamity.


We focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs

Makes childer LIFE Better

Become a Volunteer

Delivering help and hope
to children through sponsorship.

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    Our Successful Stories

    More than ₹ 200,000 contributed for Education support like arranging transport & lodging for rural students appearing in NEET 2018 in Kerala, funded school & college fee for underprivileged and students with single parent.

    Funded ₹ 100,000 for life saving medical support including bypass surgery, speech therapy, surgical procedure for a kid in head.

    As part of Kerala flood relief program around ₹ 300,000 supplies and materials were shared with people of Thekkethuruth

    Similarly, during Cyclone Gaja relief supplies and materials worth ₹ 250,000 were distributed to Akkarai, Manakkudi and yegarajapuram residents

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    Nansei Blog

    இரட்டை சகோதரர்களுக்கு கல்வி கட்டணம் செலுத்த உதவி

    சேலத்தில் B.Sc (CS) பயிலும் இரட்டை சகோதரர்கள். தந்தை இறந்து 8 ஆண்டுகளாகிறது. தாய் கூலி வேலை கடந்த 3 பருவ கட்டணங்கள் நன்செய் செலுத்திய நிலையில் 1வருக்கு 4ம் பருவ கட்டணமான ரூ.9500 சேலம் பிருந்தாவன் சாலை பிரபு வீடியோஸ் திரு.பாபு அவர்கள் செலுத்தினார்கள்.

    இரட்டை சகோதர்களில் மற்றொரு மாணவனுக்கு சேலத்தில் உள்ள தஞ்சாவூர் ஆர்ட் கேலரி உரிமையாளர் திரு.KMS வெங்கடேஸ்வர் அவர்கள் ரூ.9,500 வழங்கினார். காசோலை மாணவர் வசம் ஒப்படைக்கப்பட்டது.

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    Anitha’s dedication and perseverance to take care of her family

    Anitha’s love and affection towards her father made us look small in all means. In fact, she even went to an extent of saving the eggs given to her in the mid day meal for her dad. As a first resort, we were really happy to fulfill Anitha’s immediate requirement of buying dresses and sandals.

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    Resilience: Being self–reliant to take control over their life

    Nansei donated Mrs. Manjula with a new high-efficiency electrical sewing machine worth Rs 19,500. We believe with this small effort, Manjula and Gopalakrishnan family can become self-resilient.

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    Our mission to stop school drop outs in rural India

    As we grow older we discover that true happiness is selflessness. Thanks to all the good souls who pitched in with great contributions. It was a wonderful day meeting young girls and boys from various background. The event went successfully and had received great appreciation from teachers and volunteers. This has given a moral boost for each one of us to do more in the coming days.

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